What are your limitations?

It’s interesting that we are the practitioners that help people remove limitations allowing them to have an empowering and fulfilling future.

Yet, so many of my colleagues are full of their own limiting beliefs about themselves and their business.

I heard one Hypnotherapist say the other day “ I have now accepted the fact that I will never earn a $100,000 salary as a Hypnotherapist”.

That’s bizarre isn’t it – that she would place this limitation on herself allowing it to inevitably come true. I was talking on this very topic at the Ultimate Practice Building Convention last weekend.

What are your limitations?

My presentation was called ‘From Play time to Real Time’ and was about ‘making a decision’ to have a real business. Once that decision is made, the next step is to take action to get you there with the belief that it is not only possible but that it WILL happen.


What is your ideal income?

Have you decided what your ideal income is?
Have you planned a diary that will enable you to achieve this?
Is your diary full of the clients you want, achieving the income that you desire?

If you answered NO for any of these questions – then you have a BUSINESS GAP.

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