Sales Team Presentation


The Sales X Factor presentation introduces the concept of subconscious programming to your sales team.

Subconscious programming governs most of the decisions we make under stress, which in turn affects our sales performance and wellbeing. Your sales team will experience some powerful ‘aha!‘ insights and learn practical steps to push through their limitations and perform consistently at a higher level.

What will be covered?

In an entertaining & engaging presentation, Helen will help your sales team:

  1. Unpack the deep psychological mechanism that holds people back from achieving their goals
  2. Understand the specific triggers of self-sabotaging behaviour in sales professionals
  3. Apply a simple process to apply anytime, anywhere, to short circuit habits that limit performance

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Half day workshop


Helen guides participants through an audit of their subconscious programming and the resulting impacts on their performance and lifestyle.

Each member of your sales team will create a more effective and inspiring set of behaviours designed to embed goal achievement in work and life.

What will be covered?

In this half day interactive workshop format, participants will:

  1. Identify the subconscious patterns of behaviour that limit their achievement and personal performance
  2. Design a set of self-motivating behaviours to increase performance & goal achievement
  3. Identify changes to diet & exercise habits to provide consistent energy & positivity to fuel application of new behaviours
  4. Identify opportunities to reinvent their personal brand, both in person and online, in line with their new behaviours

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90 Day Program

Achieve a step change improvement in the performance of your sales team over 90 days.

In a series of targeted workshops supported by self study resources, Helen will facilitate shifts in your sales teams’ subconscious patterning and reinforce the results with healthy lifestyle interventions.

What will be covered?

Over a 90 day period, participants will:

  1. Attend monthly workshops that follow the 6 step Sales Mindset Dominance methodology, where they’ll identify their subconscious limitations, create an ideal vision and develop a new set of behaviours.
  2. Receive a tailored eating and exercise plan to help them remain energised and focused while applying their new behaviours.
  3. Access online self study resources including a mindfulness audio program to help manage their personal change.
  4. Opportunity to access one on one coaching support from Helen, on an as needed basis.

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