Getting laser focussed

I am sure that you will agree that there is something missing in our training. Sure, we have the skills to practice, but how about setting up a successful business?
I have spent thousands of dollars on formal education, training, courses, mentors and coaches in order to find the elusive answer to that question. And, to be brutally honest some of that training was a complete waste of money.

We all make mistakes and that definitely includes ME!

But you know what? It was all worth it as it has helped me understand what works and what doesn’t in our specific industry.

I learnt the hard way but I have no regrets. My wish is that my fellow practitioners do not fall into the traps I did and waste their hard earned cash. As the Founder of Hypnofit I am determined to support like-minded professionals, boost their prominence in the competitive world we live in and be as successful as they want to be.


  1. Does your business pay the bills?
  2. Do you pay GST?
  3. Does your business allow you to take holidays when you need to?
  4. Is your day structured around doing the activities that bring you the most return first?
  5. Are your session times fixed ?
  6. Do you have a Referral Policy?

If you answered NO for any of these questions – then you have a BUSINESS GAP.

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